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Modelo de cabelo

Haarverlängerung in professioneller Qualität

About me

My name is Hevelin von Herder, I'm from Brazil and working with hair is my passion.


I started my career as a hairdresser more than 10 years ago and through various courses, training, and continuing education  I have specializations in Brazil and Germany throughout my career  developed my own working method based on respect for your visual identity.

This is how I use my vast experience in  Production of exclusive human hair wigs, hairpieces with human hair, hair extensions and service,  to put together unique and creative pieces that can of course convey the beauty of my customers.


During the numerous customer service, work experience with the most diverse hair types  and intensive practice of different techniques with stretching, manufacture of proteins and accessories learned not to  believe in the "notions" that hair "must be like this" or belief that some types of hair are bad.


Your hair reflects its origins, who you are and where you want to go and why, something very personal and unique about you,

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Bella Hair's Studio 

Bella Hairs Studio offers various hair extension solutions and services, such as the manufacture of exclusive wigs, human hair hairpieces of the highest quality and service.


The desire or need for a transformation through a hair extension, a wig, or a hair piece like a toupee can come for different reasons for each of us, sometimes it can be for health, for the desire to change style, baldness or simply the desire to realize the dream of beautiful long hair since childhood.


But at Bella Hair Studio it doesn't matter what your reason is or your dreams for your hair and its visual identity, through constant learning, constant updating and lots of creativity.


There was a time when we women couldn't choose what our hair would look like, but that's a thing of the past now. You can choose how it will look in the mirror and Bella Hair Studio can help you make that dream come true and find the best solution for transforming your hair.

My studio offers you the discretion and welcome you deserve and need for this moment.