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Hair & Hairpieces


Preferably the hair should be human and of good quality that does not look like doll hair.


The hair color should be the same as yours, if not, adjust the color to your liking, and the mermaid aspirant needs a good deal of patience: the transformation can take six to eight hours, depending on the amount of hair applied or the method chosen .


The "fake" strands are connected to the strands of your own hair:

Lastec, microlink, sewn with microlinc and keratin glue suitable for hair extensions.


Hair extension - to achieve a natural effect, it is necessary that the person has at least 3 cm of hair on their head from their own hair.


The hair extension should be about 1 cm away from the scalp and distributed as evenly as possible over the entire head.


The new look needs special care. When washing, drying and combing the hair, the head should not be thrown down, as the hair may get tangled. The comb should be placed away from the splices.


In the case of keratin glue, it's safest to let hair dry naturally or use a diffuser and detangle hair with your fingers. The hair dryer is not forbidden, but it is necessary to keep the heat away from the glue. Sauna or thermal hood also cause the same damage.


But beach, pool, gel or spray hairstyles are allowed.


Hair extensions will not make your hair grow faster. On the contrary, in some cases, if you do not clean and care for the procedure with due care, it can damage your hair. So if you have decided to get hair extensions, remember that you have to take care of it and pay for it.



hair pieces


Bella Hair Extensions Studio produces/manufactures various personalized hairpieces with human hair of excellent quality.


Hairpieces are created and produced with the aim of solving various problems of female beauty,


At the same time, it's a good way to create nice volume if you have thin hair, or to set great color effects.


The Easy Clip-in is V-shaped and is attached to the head with clips. The clips are attached in different directions, which simplifies insertion and ensures a particularly good fit of the hairpiece.


The real hair can be easily curled or straightened and styled to your desired hairstyle.

Extra volume and color effects for long hair.

The perfect complement to a clip-on set.

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