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human hair wig

  • How are wigs made?

The human hair wigs are knotted from the finest human hair. The hair would be processed particularly gently. The hair looks like it's growing straight out of your scalp.


  • How do you clean a wig?

You will probably want to clean your human hair wigs at least once a week. While regular shampoo and conditioner can be used on some wigs, those made specifically for human hair wigs are definitely best. This is partly because, although made out of human hair


  • Will people notice I'm wearing a wig?  



Nobody will see that you are wearing a wig. They are wonderfully comfortable and light to wear. Special wearing comfort is guaranteed by the optimal fit. A human hair wig is comfortable to wear and also feels very natural.



  • If I'm naked  am how it works  ?


Short hairs are worked into the nape of the neck so that you can also do a braid or an updo and it then looks completely natural.

  • How to comb the wig?

Human hair wigs can get tangled. To detangle the hair, spray on a de-tangle product or leave-in conditioner and start combing from the ends upwards. Don't force the comb through. Instead work in sections, and work your way up slowly

  • Can human hair wigs be styled like normal hair?


The human hair wig lasts a particularly long time and can be styled extremely well like your own hair, allowing for different hairstyles. You can use blow ers and curling irons, etc. (synthetic wigs would melt in such heat).

However, heated styling can damage human hair wigs just as it can damage natural hair. For the best styling, have an expert stylist both cut and style your wig to best suit you. Get your human hair wigs serviced once a month by an expert stylist.

You should treat your human hair wigs with even more care than you would treat your natural hair. Remember that in humid climates they frizz like natural hair. They can give a look when slept in bedhead, just like natural hair. Human hair can also be dyed.

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