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hair lengthening methods

Nowadays, women's world revolves around the search for new options and new ways to look more and more beautiful. In the cult of the body, beauty, well-groomed hair, well-treated skin, the path is often not the easiest. Hair extensions joins this list and is increasingly being considered by women around the world.


Find out what it is, how it works, and the care and methods to have mermaid hair here:


Hair extensions is an lengthening method that results in long, well-treated and voluminous hair worthy of a star. It can be used on brittle, short, curly, wavy or damaged hair, there is no restriction by hair type.


It is an excellent solution for people who have problems with their hair growth because it is weak or brittle.


For people who have been forced to cut their hair or have damaged it with any type of chemical.


For women who have had a traumatic experience with a haircut and want long hair again.


Or people who just woke up wanting long hair.

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There are various method of hair extension / hair lengthening,


Brazilian method : is the most natural way of hair extension and is also known as the organic method. Strands of real hair are permanently fixed to the hair with a thin rubber thread. The Brazilian hair extensions should work much more gently with the Brazilian hair extensions.  of foreign hair together and by hand  tied to your own hair with a special elastic thread. No welding, no gluing, the result is tiny, almost invisible . The hair extension can be removed at any time without solvent and will not damage your own hair. Disadvantage: This method is very time-consuming and takes between five and eight hours, depending on the effort.

How long do Brazilian hair extensions last?

Depending on how fast or slow the hair grows. The duration of the hair extension is about 3 months, after this time it should be made new or removed.

When it comes time to remove the locks, you'll need just as much patience and technique as the application. The process can take up to three hours and costs half the price of the application on average. The glue that binds the locks is melted with a gun and removed with oil (suitable for hair extensions and almond oil). The barber must be very careful. If this operation is done poorly, there is a risk of destroying the real strands.

Keratin Bonds : The strands are glued together with a keratin or silicone based glue. The bonded part must not be subjected to high temperatures such as B. hair dryers and straighteners exposed.


Tic-Tac / Clip in : The strands are attached with a clip specially designed for this purpose. The application can be installed and removed at any time.


Microrings weave : The appliqué is sewn to the hair with a needle and microlink. This technique is usually less expensive and takes less time to put on. Microrings hair extensions are individual strands that are attached to the hair using a matching colored metal bead. This metal  is usually lined with a plastic layer of silicone that protects your hair from the possibility of breakage from the metal bead. The silicone also acts as a rubber grip to help hold the micro rings and hair extensions in place. The hair used for this method is "I cant" hair. When installing, the I-tip hair and a small bundle of natural hair are placed inside the metal bead and then closed closed with a special hair extension tool.


Microlink : The strands are attached to the hair with the help of a hook, tongs and metallic microlinks that are flattened so as not to create bulk at the root. It facilitates the reuse of the strands because it is necessary.


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